Sewing Machine Guide: 5 Tips for Beginners

Here you have some pieces of advice on how to properly use a new sewing machine from the very beginning:

1. Always view the instructional DVD or watch YouTube tutorials

I would encourage everyone to view the instructional DVD, and then set up and use the machine while playing the DVD again. Pause the video and pick it up again when you’ve mastered the instructions.

2. Always practice before starting a new garment

It’s a very good idea to practice on a piece of fabric, so you can learn the ins and outs of the machine. Download the manual and know how to adjust everything before you attempt what you are planning to put together. Oh, and be sure to do tests with the different fabrics you’ll be using.

3. Check that you have the right tools

Always remember to use correct bobbins, needles, and thread for your projects.

4. Do this every time before starting sewing

To prevent your sewing machine from becoming out of sync from the very beginning, if thread and fabric ever get caught in any box feed system shut off the machine, remove the feed dog plate, cut the thread from hook race and needle. If the needle were to be jammed in the down position, loosen the needle from the holder.

5. Learn to use the needle threader or stop count it on it

A well-known fact is that most of the time with inexpensive sewing machines the needle threader is a hit and miss. Many times the thread must be placed in the correct spot manually to work, which will be more difficult if you’re wearing glasses or have declining eyesight.

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