The Best Brother Serger Machines

Best Brother Serger Machine

Have you ever tried to finish knits with your regular sewing machine?

It takes time and quite a learning curve, right?

Well, if you haven’t already, you’ll soon realize that owning a Brother serger sewing machine is going to make any task feel like a breeze for a very affordable price. It’ll save you loads of time and by choosing Brother, you’ll also be saving a lot of money for a quality that has no comparison in its range.

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Some Features all reviewed Brother Sergers have in common

  • A huge perk that Brother machines have over other brands is the fact that they all work with regular universal needles and thread which will save loads of money that you’ll then be able to use for new fabric or extra feet to create new stitches.
  • Brother Serger machines are by far the easiest ones to thread. Their system is super easy thanks to a color-coding thread system that guides you along for a trouble-free experience.
  • These Brother sergers are overlocker machines which means that none of these machines perform cover stitches and only Brother ST4031HD can chainstitch.
  • They all come pre-threaded with white thread which is a great advantage.
  • Making straight stitches is very easy and beginner-friendly. However, working on L-Shaped Edges has a higher learning curve with all the machines in this article, although it becomes easier once you’ve practiced quite a bit.
  • All the reviewed machines below come with a differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0 to help the feed adapt to the fabric providing smooth and even stitches. Don’t get distracted by this feature as is nothing that the other Brother model doesn’t have. If you’re not familiar with this feature, what a differential feed translates to in real life is that when you’re sewing several pieces of different fabric, the differential feed will help to serge all those together without any trouble, creating beautiful stitches of equal length and tension.
  • They work with snap-on presser feet to quickly transition to different stitches.
  • A common accessory to all of these is a trim catcher tray. However, you’ll soon realize that it’s better to take it off while serging as it’s not very big.
  • The pedal foot allows you to manage the speed on demand by increasing or lowering the pressure.

Top 4 Best Brother Serger Reviews

4. Brother ST4031HD Review

Ideal for: Sewists with heavier fabric projects that want an affordable price.

Brother Serger ST4031HD Machine

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Budget: $
Our rating:  


    • Included Feet: Multi-Purpose, Blind Hem, and Gathering.
    • Speed per minute:  1300 spm
    • Number of Threads:  3 – 4

Made with a metal frame for steadier use and longer durability, this tough serger machine has been designed and marketed to sew heavier fabric. The retractable blade is made of carbon steel to ensure the cleanest edge cut even to heavier fabric, helping you finish your projects professionally.

Nevertheless, don’t think of it as an industrial model that will take any material because it won’t. As you´ll probably understand, its affordable price means that when overexposed to heavier materials some parts might still break apart.

A big plus that Brother ST4031HD offers is a removable extension of the table surface that helps you create beautiful and even lock stitches. This extension table is ideal for you if you’re going to be working on large pieces of denim, canvas, knits, costumes, and heavier fabric.

With up to 1300 stitches per minute, you can adjust the speed to your needs by pressing the pedal controller softer. This is also great if you’re a beginner and need to get used to a new way of sewing. Once you’re comfortable with the machine simply press harder to increase the number of stitches per minute and get more projects done quicker.

You’ll create beautiful ruffles and gather stitches in all sorts of garments including your children’s clothes. Besides, if you’re into piping for costumes or decorative pieces, know that the Brother ST4031HD can also make those stitches if you get hold of a piping foot.

If you decide to go for this model, you’ll be able to serge all sorts of fabric and materials like vinyl, denim, drapery fabric, lining, swimwear, and Lycra fabric, Minky fabric, or bamboo baby loop terry among others.

A final tip to get the best out of this machine? The presser foot is not as high as you would expect from a so-called heavy-duty serger, so when working on several layers, keep in mind that you can use a mallet on the edge to help it fit under the presser foot and keep serging.

  • Large extension table to help you deal with fabric weight.
  • Removable bed table to make the Free Arm available.
  • Right-Handed Adjusting knobs.
  • Heavier cutting blade.
  • Metal frame construction for great stability avoiding undesired vibration
  • Low Presser Foot Height for Thicker Fabric
  • Replacement Knives are a bit expensive if you ever need one (around $89 at the official Brother website)

3. Brother 1034DX Serger Review

Ideal for: Right-handed lovers of Brother 1034D. From Beginners to Advanced Users with tigh budget.

Brother 1034DX Serger Machine

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Budget: $
Our rating:  


    • Included Feet: Multi-Purpose, Blind Hem, and Gathering.
    • Speed per minute:  1300 spm
    • Number of Threads:  3 – 4

Read the review about Brother 1034D to get a full idea of this model as it is exactly the same apart from the minor changes mentioned below.

Brother 1034DX vs 1034D

The main difference between Brother 1034D and 1034DX is the position of controls. While model 1034D is especially suitable for left-handed, Brother 1034DX is the perfect serger for those right-handed who want a bestseller that adapts to their way of sewing.

Moreover, the Brother 1034DX serger comes with LED lighting that provides a brighter workspace perfect for those with tired eyes, instead of an old-fashioned bulb as 1034D does.

Apart from those little details, both Brother 1034D and 1034DX models will perfectly help you finishing edges and hems on a wide range of fabrics as well as creating decorative edges or ruffles.

  • Designed for Right Handed people.
  • Brighter workspace thanks to a LED light.
  • Blind Hem Foot Included.
  • No Seam Guide
  • Just like Brother 1034D, loud vibration that you can solve by placing a cork base under it.

2. Brother DZ1234 Serger Review

Ideal for: Beginners buying their first serger. Advanced Sewers looking for an affordable model.

Brother Serger DZ1234 Machine

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Budget: $
Our rating:  


    • Included Feet: Multi-Purpose, Blind Hem, Gathering, and Piping.
    • Speed per minute:  1300 spm
    • Number of Threads:  3 – 4

This serger machine from the Brother Designio series can be the perfect serger replacement for those who want an inexpensive serger machine that includes a piping foot, a blind hem and a gathering one for no extra price. If you simply want a good, solid, seam finishing serger that has simple directions to use, this is an amazing option.

Apart from a wider stitch allowance, the only difference with Brother 1034D is the outer aesthetic: DZ1234 has blue tension dials and 1034D multi-colored. Other than that is a matter of getting better accessories. When you buy Brother DZ1234 at Amazon, you will get an extra piping foot and larger spools of thread than with Brother 1034D.

It works wonderfully on different materials like denim, cashmere, tweed, jersey, super-light stretch fabric, cotton, swimwear fabric, or even 4 layers of polar fleece. Why? Because one of the advanced features of the Brother DZ1234 is the differential feed, which automatically adapts the pressure of both the upper foot and lower feed to the task.

Besides, with all the different stitches and possibilities this model has, you’ll be able to get super creative. Think of four-thread overlock stitches, perfect for sewing knits, three-thread stitches, ideal for finishing suits, slacks, and blouses, rolled hemming stitches for decorative purposes. And let’s not forget about piping, narrow overlock, blind hem, or rolled edge stitches. A wide array of options for your projects!

If you’re doubting about what machine to choose, think of the aesthetics. Go for the more sophisticated Navy Blue finish of DZ1234 if you are looking for a more masculine look. If you prefer to have a more feminine one, choose the pastel colors of Brother 1034D or 1034DX.

Who would have said that one day you could choose the color that would better fit your sewing room, right?

If you’re certain that you’ll use the piping foot, getting the Brother DZ1234 is probably cheaper than buying 1034D plus the extra foot.

  • Includes a Piping Foot.
  • You can easily disengage the blade thanks to a switch.
  • If you’re left-handed, you’ll be happy to know some dials are on the left.
  • Super smooth operation.
  • It provides with a low Learning Curve if you’ve never used a serger.
  • Wider stitch than 1034D.
  • The most Masculine Look of all Brother sergers.
  • It takes a bit to learn to use the Gathering Foot .
  • Some may not like the slow start of the presser foot.
  • It can get a bit tricky to change the needles as one screw controls both of them.
  • Don’t count on the included spools of thread and use them for tasks like thread basking quilts or such.
  • The light is an old-fashioned bulb which you can change for a LED light if you want.

1. Brother 1034D Serger Review

Ideal for: Left-handed Users who trust in #1 Bestsellers. From Beginners to Advanced.

Brother 1034D Serger Machine

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Budget: $
Our rating:  


    • Included Feet: Multi-Purpose and Gathering.
    • Speed per minute:  1300 spm
    • Number of Threads:  3 – 4

The Brother 1034D beautifully stitches up to 1300 speed per minute with a grade of performance that has no competitor economically speaking. It’s true that for a lot more money you could get a higher-quality serger from other brands. However, in this case, and even if you’re a professional sewer, spending double the money won’t reflect on what you’ll get for it.

If you’ve never used a serger before, you might be scared of threading one of these machines. Well, this model becomes extremely easy to thread thanks to its color-coded upper thread guides and lower looper threading system. You just have to follow the instructions. Once you get the threading right, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use.

With this machine, you’ll do much more than just serge seams. You’ll be inspired to create different finishes like blind hems, rolled hems, ruffles, and more. Moreover, this Brother serger finishes hems on different weight fabrics with grace. Seriously, you can use heavy fabrics, make quilts, or even overlock four layers of hemp fleece with the confidence that it won’t get jammed. 

Another brilliant feature is that you can choose to use the knife or not while serging depending on the project you’re working on or for a specific finish you’d like to create. Besides, when you’re not using it, the hidden blade will serve you as a measuring point for your project helping you create an even hem, without getting it cut.

If you’re still thinking about it, know that the Brother 1034D has been the #1 bestseller in the Serger Category for many years now and has an average rating of 4.5 over 5 which makes it a fair favorite among users of all ages. Honestly, once you try it, you’ll realize it’s an indispensable machine at its price.

Sometimes, when you first use it, you might get the feeling as if the fabric bunches right behind the needles or the feet don’t grab it enough. The best advice you can get is to fully re-thread your serger again. It always works. Also know that the dials are on the left side of the machine, which makes it perfect for left-handed users. Luckily, Brother created the exact machine with the dials on the right and called it Brother 1034DX.

You might want to check Brother 1034D vs 1034DX in detail again or check the comparison chart below.

  • Designed for Left Handed
  • Impressive quick and easy threading
  • Auto-tension feature and forget about loose stitches
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent quality for an affordable price
  • Gathering Foot and Foot Controller Included
  • Special Package with Hard Case available
  • No Seam Guide to indicate the width of the edge but easily solvable by placing an elastic band around the shoulders of your machine.
  • Loud vibration but if you place a cork base under the machine, it will kill most of it.
  • Light Bulb that you can replace with a LED light or use a table lamp.

Brother Serger Comparison Chart

Let’s compare the Brother sergers we have reviewed above: Brother 1034D vs 1034DX vs ST4031HD vs DZ1234.

MachinesStitchesFeaturesIdeal forPrice

Brother ST4031HD
Read Review
– 1300 spm
– 3-4 Thread Stitches
– Standard, Gathering
& Blind Hem Foot
– Extension Table
– Metal Frame
– Carbon Steel Blade
– Free Arm
Best for Heavy Duty.
Check Price

Brother DZ1234
Read Review
– 1300 spm
– 3-4 Thread Stitches
– Standard, Gathering,
Blind Hem & Piping Foot
– Masculine Look
– Wider Stitch Allowance
– Free Arm
Best for Piping Lovers.
Beginner to Advanced.
Check Price

Brother 1034DX
Read Review
– 1300 spm
– 3-4 Thread Stitches
– Standard, Gathering
& Blind Hem Foot
– LED Light
– Free Arm
Best for Right-Handed Beginners.
All levels
Check Price

Brother 1034D
Read Review
– 1300 spm
– 3-4 Thread Stitches
– Standard &
Gathering Foot
– Hard Case
– Free Arm
– #1 Bestseller
Best for Left-Handed Beginners.
All levels
Check Price

*Speed Per Minute: referring to the number of stitches a machine can perform in a minute.

Tips for taking good advantage of your new Brother Serger Machine

  • Avoid any potential problems by replacing the pre-threaded spools with good quality thread the moment you receive the machine. Really, just forget about using the thread spools that may come with your machine as its low quality will make the task very frustrating.
  • You may want to take advantage of the machine coming pre-threaded and knot up the bobbin’s thread that you want to put in its place, run the machine, and — finger’s crossed — you’ll immediately have your new machine threaded with a good quality thread of the color you want. Ready to start trying it out!
  • Learn how to thread your machine from the very beginning as you will have to re-thread it many times. Face this fact and lookup for a YouTube video that explains the how’s and get on with it. Don’t be intimidated by it. Once you get it, Brother machines are straightforward to thread compared to many other brands.
  • Place a corkboard pad under the machine to avoid unwanted vibrations.
  • Find all types of free projects at BrotherSews.
  • If you’re new to serging, a good idea is to buy a cheap but great serging bookThe Complete Serger Handbook, together with your new machine. With it, you’ll get all the hints and tricks to make this new tool a super useful one.
  • If you doubt whether to buy a new serger machine or not, know that you can always get a refund in the unlikely case that you’re not happy with it. So why not give it a try?

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What is the best Brother serger?

Every buyer has their own needs so it’s up to you to decide what model suits you best.
To help you out we have reviewed the top choices that you should consider in this article.

What is the difference between Brother serger 1034DX and 1034D?

Newest Brother 1034DX vs 1034D has the following upgrades:
1. Right-Handed Adjusting Dials vs Left-Handed ones.
2. LED Light vs Old-Fashioned Bulb-Light.
3. An extra Blind Hem and Piping Feet.
Read a full review of both models.

What does a brother serger do?

A serger machine or overlock, no matter the brand, finishes hems and seams. Like with every other sewing machine type, you can get as creative as you want.
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